What Others Are Saying About “The Virtual Service Advisor”

“The Virtual Service Advisor is something every business can use. We chose to partner with them because after our extensive research, the data showed that at a minimum, every shop on the program pre-sold 15 percent more parts and services before the consumer got to the shop.”
“Developing and using the Virtual Service Advisor, we recognized that 38% of our customers selected higher quality oils on their own, which resulted in a 7% increase in oil profits alone. This is just some of the customer insight we’re starting to see.”
“During one of our shop meetings, the Virtual Service Advisor program was brought up by one of our technicians. He stated that the information the customers were supplying was more accurate and detailed then what he was getting from the counter which helps in diagnosing the customer’s concerns. When a customer calls for an appointment we automatically email them the appropriate form. I like that I get copied when the customer sends the form back, I know my staff is using it. Thanks again for helping us better operate our business.”
“The Virtual Service Advisor program is one of the easiest programs I’ve ever used. It only takes me about 10 seconds to send one to a client and they are filling them out within 30 minutes with more information then I would have gotten at the counter. My service advisor also loves them because it saves him time.”
“Virtual Service Advisor programs has really enhanced on how we communicate with our customers. The ease at which our service advisors can send them out has increased the usable information that our technicians can use in the shop. The forms that were good before are really good now with the new NAPA Auto Care feel.”
“What a program! I’ve been using Virtual Service Advisor for over two months and I can’t believe how much they work. I’m seeing over 90% return rate on everything from “Check Engine Light” to “Vehicle Noise Diagnostic Checklist” forms. It is so easy to use and the amount of time they are saving me and the extra information we’re now getting is remarkable. I would recommend AutoShopForms to anyone.”
Jeremy Rennison, The Auto Shop


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